Humanous, what?

October 15, 2011 § Leave a comment

As my first post I’d like to tackle my ‘name’, what the hell is Humanous?
There are a couple of ways you could see this, call it wordplay if you so desire.

It’s supposed to resemble a brain, not a bowl of soup!
So basically we have Human and Nous, Nous being intellect (, ending up being Human Intellect, in my mind that is way too dull. Obviously there’s a better way of understanding my name, It’s a bit explicit but we don’t mind that, do we?

If the lack of a picture for this second, awesome and obviously better version disturbs you, then I am sorry, for I tried to paint it, but it just wouldn’t match what I had in mind.
I have therefore prepared a short explanation in plain text.
Human + Anus (pronounced; Hjum’einas) because face it, people are assholes!


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