Marking Your spot

October 15, 2011 § Leave a comment

Everyone has their ‘own’ spot, their favorite chair, their favorite part of the bed, sofa and whatnot. It’s in mammal and other species nature to mark a spot

But don’t you just love it when people actually call others out on taking their spots? It’s just a fucking seat, eh? Yesterday when we were having breakfast at my job, a co-worker took a random seat, sat down and started chatting. Then this woman calls him out on taking her spot, telling him to let her sit there, because she always does. So without a confrontation my shitnut of a co-worker says ‘Of course, i wouldn’t want to take your spot’, and then he excuses himself from the table and goes back to work. The woman sort of urged him to obviously stay with us and finish breakfast, but he insisted on going back to work.

Sure, he did not want to stir any hard feelings or start a ‘hostile’ conversation over such a small thing.
But come on, should there even be any hard feeling to get in this situation? Are we just to give up our dignity day in and out, because that’s just the way things work? This is surely not the best example of losing dignity, but it is a good one, as people tend to go crazy when they lose “their” seat. Resulting in the loss of respect between one another.

It really gets to my head how fucking idolizing people are over a piece of material, they must have it, or they must (in this case) sit on exactly the same place & chair.

I on the other hand just love it when people urge me to move away from a seat they call their ‘own’, It just somehow feels much more comfortable when they almost go batshit crazy over it. Their arguments are always the same, and always as hard to counter “but I always sit here!”.
If they actually did mark it as their spot by pissing all over the seat like a dog, then maybe, just maybe I would move to another seat.


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