Sweden, The Golden Land

October 16, 2011 § Leave a comment

Sweden, where the vikings live and the polarbears run freely in the streets.
(Oh, and the girls are hot too)

Now how could i possibly have anything bad to say about a place like this?
I shouldn’t, really. But there’s a cup filled and it’s about to get spilled, right here.

On first sight Sweden is a beautiful country, with beautiful people and awesome drinking water! We can actually drink our tap water, ha!
But after living here your whole life, you start to see the flaws of this country.
Sweden, how i loved thee in my youth, how i cherished You, this beautiful country.
Oh why have you forgotten your ways to charm me.

People are afraid, especially Swedish people. Of what? Everything. Really.
Sweden is a golden land of double moral standards, nothing else. People are afraid to speak their mind. Obviously not when the weather comes to mind, we love to talk about the weather, don’t we?
We could go on for a day about the weather, and that would only be touching the basics.
We are a land of political correctness and we are even afraid to admit that. Because would it be politically correct admitting to being politically correct?
Wow was that a toung-twister!

I love Sweden, it’s a great country indeed, but there are growing problems which wont be fixed in the near future. It’s the stubbornness to not see faults, and not accepting other peoples views of it, sounds very human actually, but it’s something many other countries do much better than us.


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