Love, when you Hate

October 18, 2011 § 3 Comments

Love is tough. Really tough.
It can bring you down on your knees and it can almost make you fly. When in a relationship you Will struggle somtimes, it’s all natural, but when it gets to the point where you feel like murdering your partner it is time for the quits. It is not healthy for anyones part. Love makes you blind for that very thing, it will Not let you call it, it will make you think things are going to turn out well. Every-single-time.

From my own experience, I now see how a Love-Hate relationship relly affects one every day, I almost feel ashamed of friends who are still in their relationships -month after month- even though I’ve heard enough to actually yell at them to leave their partner and move on, but I know how blind love makes you, as I mentioned above. Those kind of relationships can even affect friends, as they obviously care about you. That is one of the factors which makes love even harder. Whatever you do, it probably affects more than one or two persons indirectly.

Love seems to need a filled cup to spill before you’re done with one another,why is it that you stay in a relationship which has no end but bad? Some people obviously have it easier than others, and i consider them to be lucky. It’s just a sickness which has no cure, because one way or another, doesn’t it always turn out bad? Doesn’t someone always get hurt?

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